We know that vulnerability creates connection, and what's more vulnerable than asking for, accepting, or offering help?...

The Cornerstone of Connection


We know that vulnerability creates connection, and what’s more vulnerable than asking for, accepting, or offering help? In this episode, we break down the fears, stigmas, and incredible importance of each of these actions – exploring how together, they create the cornerstone of any meaningful connection in life.


Dictionary definition of HELP

We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.

Brene Brown


  • While asking for and accepting help can be difficult, no genuine connection or friendship exists without the kind of vulnerability that help requires.
  • We are innately designed to help each other; our brains are wired to positively respond to service, and psychologists often refer to that chemical response as the “helper’s high”.
  • The Dictionary definition of “help” has zero implication of judgment or superiority – it’s us as a society that keep placing negative connotations upon the word.
  • Shame, judgment, and fear are the greatest barriers to connection.
  • We have to change our language if we want to make the needed shift in our culture to better build connection.
  • Don’t over-complicate offering help! Give what you can give, and know that what you have to offer is enough.
  • When offering help, try to notice a specific need and offer help in empathy. Ask actionable questions when appropriate (i.e. what can I do to serve you today?, can I bring you _____?).
  • The greatest step to embracing yourself exactly as you are is trusting that you are worthy of help, worthy of being seen, and worthy of helping. Allowing help into your life is the ultimate act of self acceptance and love.


  • Why is it difficult for me to accept help? How can I move through this discomfort to allow more genuine connection in my life?
  • Why is it difficult for me to ask for help? How can I build the courage to be honest with myself and others when I do need help?
  • What can I do TODAY to serve someone else? (Get specific and avoid over-complicating!)


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