Embracing Wholehearted Rest


In our season two opener, we are talking all about rest! It is so easy to get caught up and continually operate from a depleted place. Join us as we discuss the whys behind continual burnout, resistance to rest, and the different types of effective rest we can practice to feel truly filled.


It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.

Brene Brown


  • Addressing our resistance to rest requires us to examine our social and cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, etc. 
  • Rest is not earned, it is a daily bodily need like food and water – a rhythm and result of simply being alive.
  • Rest requires mindfulness – an awareness of our body sensations and cues before burnout. 
  • Resting requires a return to childlike intuition to our own needs – and this return comes through self-study.
  • When we are doing something restful, our body registers the experience in the parasympathetic nervous system. When we are in fight, flight, or freeze response – numbing out or avoiding – the body remains in the sympathetic nervous system. 
  • We will not necessarily feel rested unless we offer the appropriate kind of rest – emotional vs. physical. 
  • Adequately addressing our needs is an exercise in agency – it is up to no one else to make space or respond appropriately to the rest we require. 
  • Showing up as we are includes ownership of where we need rest, and holding space for that.


  • What limits am I placing on the rest I need? Are there beliefs holding me back from adequately meeting my need for rest?
  • How does this activity feel in my body? Am I experiencing a filled, restful response?
  • When I feel the call to rest, am I responding appropriately?
  • What helps me feel physically refreshed?
  • What helps me feel emotionally refreshed?
  • What choices can I make today to create a restful lifestyle?


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