It's a really nice idea to think that we'll arrive at a place where we feel perfectly ready, totally qualified, and ultimately fearless...

Before You’re Ready


It’s a really nice idea to think that we’ll arrive at a place where we feel perfectly ready, totally qualified, and ultimately fearless – ready to act on whatever it is we’re wanting to do. Realistically though, feeling ‘ready’ is a conscious decision, and usually requires a big leap of faith – before you’re ready. Join us in this episode as we pump up for that first step!


Getting ready is frankly a stalling tactic, an act of anxiety, a con game you’re working on yourself. You are already positioned to escape to a higher plane of performance. If you wait until you can get it perfect, you will never get it at all. First you act, then you frame out the details of your strategy. Move on your dream…start…and let what happens help you develop a coherent game plan.

Price Pritchett


  • You can never have something perfected enough, polished enough, etc., to protect you from judgment or failure.
  • Doubt/confusion about direction or next steps are often fear in disguise.
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  • Massive action = big steps/active living. Passive action = planning, researching, learning.
  • There is value in both passive action and massive action – the trouble is not getting STUCK i passive action or using it as an excuse.
  • It is in the doing and not the planning that we have the most joy.
  • There is no guarantee of a tomorrow – there is only your commitment to yourself TODAY.
  • Don’t buy into the lie that you will ever feel fully ready!
  • As you keep walking toward what you want, the how of getting there will unfold.


  • Am I mainly living in passive action?
  • Is this preparation or season of waiting necessary, or am I stalling in fear?
  • Am I ready to keep this commitment to myself?


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