We get that self-love and self-care are hot topics, but we also get that it's for good reason!

Let’s Talk About (Self) Love!


We get that self-love and self-care are hot topics, but we also get that it’s for good reason! In this episode, we tackle the what, why, and how of developing a deep and rewarding relationship with the person you spend the most time with – yourself!

In this episode, you’ll hear McKell share her story of being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, how she moved through that, and how you can gain traction and begin to move through whatever challenges YOU face on your journey to self-love!


You don’t have to learn how to love yourself. You just have to remember there was nothing wrong with you to begin with. You just have to come home.

Nayirrah Waheed

The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele


  • Your relationship with yourself colors your interactions/perceptions of your whole life.
  • Become your own ally rather than your biggest critic!
  • Self-love is NOT selfish.
  • You are not the exception to love or worthiness or goodness.
  • Building a relationship with yourself takes time, just like any other relationship! Be patient.
  • Loving yourself lifts focus off yourself and frees up energy to loving and focusing on others.
  • Observing what we love teaches us truths about our core identity.


  • What do I do just for me?
  • Do I know who I am, at my core?
  • What do I truly love? What does that teach me about myself?


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