Actually, You DO Belong.


You can sit with us! In this episode, we break down the barriers or mental blocks we can build against belonging. As we dispel limiting beliefs or fears that hold us back from showing up with true authenticity, we focus on the most important aspect of belonging – belonging first to ourselves.


True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to BE who we are.

Brene Brown


  • Belonging is in our DNA – we are biologically programmed to seek community, friendship, and acceptance.
  • Addressing our need to belong requires us to examine stories we have created about why we don’t belong or what we need to change to belong.
  • When we are unconscious about the beliefs we hold about belonging, we can find ourselves in judgment of ourselves or others.
  • True belonging requires us to curb the natural instinct and sometimes lifelong habit of looking outward.
  • True belonging is belonging to yourself.
  • Fitting in is becoming who you think you need to be in order to be accepted.
  • Belonging is being your authentic self, knowing that no matter what happens we belong to ourselves.
  • Belonging requires acknowledgment of the times and places we have felt rejected – we can use that hurt as information about where we can grow.
  • Belonging requires that we release the idea that everyone will approve or accept us. That was never up to anyone else – it is only up to us.
  • Because true belonging only happens when we present our most authentic, imperfect selves, our sense of belonging is in direct correlation to our sense of self-acceptance.


  • What beliefs do I hold about belonging? Are there parts of myself I edit or hide in order to fit in?
  • Are these beliefs or hiding serving my highest self?
  • In what ways am I judging or not accepting others, and what does this tell me about the parts of myself I have yet to accept? 
  • How can I more fully accept or belong to myself?
  • What choices can I make today to show up more fully? 


Affirmations for belonging:

I belong where I show up.

When I belong to myself, I belong wherever I go.

Every part of me is worthy of my own love and acceptance.

I belong first to myself.

I show up as I am.

Who I am is enough.

I am worthy.

I accept my whole self.

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