Living Beyond Autopilot


Life can get really overwhelming, and when it does, sometimes our knee-jerk reaction is to numb out with quick fixes that don’t actually fix much. (Ever fallen down a black hole of Buzzfeed videos? Maybe gotten swept away in a two-minute turned two-hour Instagram scroll? Or, maybe even been tempted to cut panic-bangs thinking they’d solve everything?! You’re in good company, friend. We’ve ALL been there!) Join us as we talk through five practical ways to get intentional and find more peace and presence in our everyday lives, no matter how stressful our season.


Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much life she had time for.



  • Know your tendencies when you get overwhelmed – no need to judge yourself, just become aware of the ways you’re numbing out.
  • Set boundaries so that your temporary breaks don’t begin to steal your life.
  • Prioritize YOUR NEEDS and positive coping mechanisms into your schedule.
  • Self-care is not a band-aid fix or a fire alarm – it is something we need in our regular schedule.
  • Overwhelm stems from a scarcity mindset – believing that we don’t have enough time, so we become frozen.
  • Learn what you can say yes and no to.
  • Avoid linking worth to the things you do rather than the things you are.
  • Be present with your body and breath in the present moment.
  • Do the mind work to gain mental strength for your season – create affirmations.


  • How do I numb out when life gets difficult?
  • How can I compassionately set boundaries based on what I know about myself?
  • What needs help me feel filled? How can I meet those in small ways daily?
  • How can I take time to connect with my body?
  • What affirmations would be helpful to me in working through this?


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